Since I already implemented first prototype version of Enkel compiler it is time to take some time to actually design the features added in next iterations.

There is a lot of verbosity in Java. It often protects you from mistakes, and minimizes unexpected “magic” implicit operations. On the other hand it makes us write a lot of repeatable code.

The main goal is to make Enkel opposite - as less verbose as possible. This has downsides and upsisdes but is definately great for prototyping. Here are some of the features I would like to implement in next iterations:

Feature Example
One file = one class = no need to specify ‘class’ keyword - just provide class name in the first line after imports Car {}
Inheritance Car : Vehicle {}
Optional auto-generated getters,setters,builder,equals,hashcode Car(getters,setters,hashequals,builder) : Vehicle {}
Type inference var x = 5
Default parameters fun createPoint(Int x=0,Int y=0)
Optional parameters names when calling method = more readable & any parameters order! createPoint(5,0)
Functions as objects const f = (Int x=0, Int y=0) => x*y
No static context static void x()
== instead of equals by default. object1 == object2

Jakub Dziworski

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